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Analytics by Helloworld Travel HTG

Analytics by Helloworld Travel HTG is the Hunter Travel Groups custom built corporate online reporting platform. Its informative and user friendly dashboards which deliver accurate insights into the performance of their travel program.


Compliance Reporting

Most organisations want to know how effective their policies really are. All of our reports include details of non-compliant bookings, including traveller names, traveller selections and fare comparisons. And that’s just the start. We also provide the ability to track non-preferred travel expenditure and changes to bookings.

Manage Travel Expenditure

Analytics by Helloworld Travel HTG provides the information you need to track and manage your expenditure. Summary reports of airfares, accommodation, rental car, transaction fees, ancillary and traveller expenditure are standard reports within the application. In addition, there are a host of other reports and metrics provided that give you the information you need to manage your expenditure.

Improve Productivity

Want your team to be more productive? We provide the ability to download professionally formatted review documents in a matter of seconds. With the click of a mouse, users can download raw data, including customer driven reference fields for all expense categories. This makes it simple for users to access data for further interrogation.

Analytics Infographic